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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
Steve Jobs

Our Mission

Be a cutting-edge  partner in providing simplified IT and IT solutions.

What sets us apart?


We believe in positioning the latest & emerging technologies for customer's IT & business needs, which shall help the customer migrate from Legacy to state of art Infrastructure.


The Catnip Infotech team is comprised of proven experienced Professionals, helping to set IT industry standards and programs.


We believe in providing the right technology to the customer’s thus taking an unbiased approach and helping customers acquire the right technology with cost-effectiveness.


Experience measures how long, expertise measures how well we do what we do. Catnip InfoTech holds the highest level of technical know-how in all our competencies. These certifications are the industry’s most recognized and sought-after attributes.


We appreciate the fact that every business environment is unique, this experience gives us a cutting edge in understanding our client's IT & Business needs.

We provide simplified and cost-effective solutions to our customer’s business problems with a three sight customer engagement model:


What do we know about the customer’s present Infra and data. This approach is to understand the current situation of the Client and to provide them better solutions at an optimized cost.


How we do use the hindsight from the customer and their needs and challenges with quality solutions.


Using the insights, we deep dive into providing solutions, not just a point-in-time but as well as what our client would need in the future as well.

Three Sight Customer Engagement Model

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