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Many companies, as well as individuals, nowadays want to implement blockchain technology. Unfortunately, creating, configuring, and operating a blockchain is a complex task, and most get discouraged by the difficulty.

In order to facilitate the process, we offer BaaS-type cloud services that allow businesses to operate the blockchain without having to develop and manage their own infrastructure.

What is the Blockchain?

When an external cloud service provider is liable for the setup, configuration, and management of a Blockchain technology infrastructure, this is referred to as BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) services.

First of all, "blockchain" translates to "blockchain." It is indeed a chain of blocks. However, the blocks here are digital information stored on a public database acting as a chain. Each block contains information about one or more transactions: the date, time, amount, etc.; on the other hand, the participants in this transaction are anonymous and identified by a digital signature.

The block is added to the chain when a transaction occurs. However, this transaction must be verified and given an identifying "hash." Once added to the blockchain network, the block becomes publicly visible. Anyone can verify transaction data.

Anyone can connect their computer to the blockchain network as a node. A copy of the blockchain is transferred to the machine and updated each time a block is added. So there are thousands of copies of the same blockchain. Combined with the anonymization of users, this feature makes the blockchain confidential and secure. This is the reason why blockchain technology is used more and more.

BaaS or Blockchain as a Service

The BaaS or Blockchain as a Service (Blockchain as a Service) is the creation and third-party management systems based on the cloud for companies developing Blockchain applications. BaaS is based on the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS) and works in the same way. This is part of a situation where the "service" economic model associated with cloud computing is becoming more and more common. For example, robotics as a service (RaaS). This is a novelty in the booming field of Blockchain technology. As Block Chain use cases now extend far beyond cryptocurrency transactions, the demand for hosting services is on the rise.

Our blockchain Cloud service allows users to create, host, and use their applications, smart contracts, and Blockchain functions. Being the leading cloud service provider, we manage the tasks and activities necessary to keep the infrastructure agile and operational.

How does BaaS or Blockchain as a Service work?

We speak of BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) when an external cloud service provider is responsible for setting up, configuring, and managing a Blockchain technology infrastructure. By paying for a BaaS service, the customer charges the provider to set up and maintain the connected nodes of the blockchain.

We take care of the maintenance of the infrastructure and all elements related to the blockchain. Other related activities such as bandwidth management, resource allocation, hosting, security features, and protection against cyber-attacks are part of the Service. Therefore, the BaaS model allows customers to focus exclusively on the capabilities of the blockchain without worrying about performance and infrastructure issues at the same time.

In this sense, the BaaS model could enable wider and deeper penetration of blockchain technology in businesses across all industries. Regardless of its size and industry, a company can now outsource all technical support for the blockchain to us and focus on its goals.

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