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Catnip Infotech Service Offerings

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Analytics and Business intelligence- Stop guessing; Make the most of your data.

Your data has a story. But if the team can't reach it easily and quickly, it doesn't help. You need to have a clear overview of your financial, operational, sales, marketing, and service levels. Our services help you identify, transform, and transmit data consistently, secure, and integrated way across all systems. Therefore, you will be satisfied with the decisions made.

Data Analytics Solutions

In a rapidly changing world, data is a real asset. You can only master what you understand. Having reliable and actionable data is important to success. Everything can change depending on how you manage your data. You are either ahead of the competition or left behind. Data can improve performance. Also, with the advent of artificial intelligence, the size and speed of computing and modelling capabilities have increased significantly, making them ideal for processing data, whether structured or not.

But all this is possible only if the data is reliable. Each step of data management (definition, collection, storage, analysis, interpretation) requires precise rules, rigorous processing, specialized tools, and a clear definition of their scope and associated responsibilities.

We provide a proven solution that can unleash the unexpected value of your data with data analysis detection and transformation tools that are in line with your business goals.

What is offered in our Analytics and Business intelligence systems?

Data strategy- Build a good foundation for your data initiatives. We help you analyze current data structures, identify future needs, and create a roadmap to achieve your business goals.

Architectural engineering- Design the optimal structure for your organization's needs. We partner with industry-renowned vendors to offer on-premises, cloud, or hybrid hosting solutions.

Infrastructure- Implement and configure the appropriate infrastructure for your data. Our solutions include deployment options, as well as clusters, data lakes, and security configurations.

Data collection and processing- Our solutions help you integrate, test, and validate large amounts of data through bulk or streaming data processing and load testing services.

Analysis- Use Analytics and big data technology to reduce costs, discover new opportunities and solve key problems. We encourage you to select and implement tools to leverage your data at all levels of your organization.

Business intelligence Solutions

Most people use business apps daily, but less than 32% * have access to insights from data analytics. Give your team the key to the information so that you can make informed decisions. Our business Intelligence consultancy has a strategic purpose: it produces and manages information that will play a key role in your company's organization to increase your competitive advantage in the market.

Our powerful and advanced Business Intelligence solutions provide the tools your organization needs to succeed in its business intelligence strategy.

We offer:

Strategic adaptation- Use business priorities to define business intelligence initiatives. We help you develop strategic business intelligence plans and roadmaps, perform data evaluations, and plan to implement Business Intelligence programs.

Analysis- Descriptive reports, predictive analytics, and advanced tools for creating descriptive solutions can be used to analyze datasets, improve business decisions, or validate different scenarios.

Visual display of information- Our decision support tools include intuitive and interactive dashboards and self-service solutions.

Governance and data integration- The goal is to combine data from different sources to provide a consistent, secure, and reliable overview of the activity. Our services include architecture, data warehousing, ETL development, management model development, master data management tools, and corporate policies and practices.

Specific analytics and Business Intelligence consultancy for your company.

Our Analytics and business intelligence solutions will help you face the challenges of the market with solutions that are specifically adapted to your business organization. The consulting services range from the simple implementation of tools and strategies to more complex activities to be addressed to medium-sized companies.


Our consultants have several years of experience, collaborate with the most reliable Business Intelligence software suppliers, and are constantly updated on industry news.


Request a consultation. Get in touch with us.



IT Consulting &

Implementation Services

Engagement from Pre-sale consulting to Post-Sale  Implementation


Sustenance  Services

Sustenance Services Includes On-call Support, AMC – Comprehensive & Non-comprehensive,Breakdown Maintenance, Pro-active support, Warranty Services


Data Center Operations Management

Monitor and manage health, spot performance bottlenecks and capacity shortfalls and rebalance workloads before demand spikes to enable application performance, while leveraging self-learning algorithms and predictive analytics that adapt to your environment.


Migration Services

The purpose of data migration is to transfer existing data to the new environment in a format suitable

for the new system, while preserving the information present in the old system.


Health check Monitoring &  performance Tuning

Providing tools and services required to pro actively monitor and tune your environment for peak performance.


Virtualized Network & Security Solutions

Reproduce in Software your entire networking environment with complete set of Logical Networking elements  that helps you manage & scale your deployment with great scale & efficiency.

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