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Dashboard and Data Visualization Solutions

What if you become a data-driven company? We are inundated with data! Their potential is enormous, but how do you get reliable data in real-time, ready for use and for everyone to use? Contact us for our dashboard and data visualization solutions.

Our dashboard management solutions

To best manage your business, you need key indicators that will help you monitor and make decisions. Using regularly updated dashboards is essential. Our performance monitoring and management solutions allow you to get an overview of the company. Our dashboard for data visualization summarizes the important points of your activity, which you will have carefully chosen beforehand, and pursues a double objective: to prevent difficulties and to help you manage by alerting to the corrective actions to be implemented.

Our Data visualization solutions

Our data visualization solutions consist of transforming a set of raw and (often) complex data into a visual representation to facilitate analysis. The effectiveness of data visualization solutions is based on the fact that a majority of us better understand and retain information (key figures, performance indicators, KPIs, etc.) when the latter are represented visually (graph vs. spreadsheet).

We make it possible to develop and deploy rich planning, budgeting, and other data entry applications in your data visualization tool. It allows on-the-fly to read and write to the database, whether on-premise or in the cloud. This means that the collection and consolidation of data are done in real-time.

Monitor the financial health of your business: anticipate, manage, correct.

Your business is launched and tries to respect the financial balances that you defined before its creation. However, it may happen that your estimates do not quite correspond to reality: the take-off in sales is slower than expected, operating expenses accumulate heavily. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out new forecasts taking into account the company's actual data to avoid unpleasant surprises, particularly in terms of cash flow.

This is when our dashboard for data visualization allows you to make and expand your financial forecasts, which are essential for:

  • Set you realistic objectives in terms of turnover,

  • Anticipate a rise in costs,

  • Anticipate the launch of a new activity or the recruitment of a new employee,

  • Anticipate cash flow problems,

  • Negotiate an overdraft or other short-term financial solutions with the banker,

  • Negotiate fundraising from investors,

  • Maintain business performance, etc.


Analyze the gaps

Our dashboard management solutions highlight the discrepancies between the forecasts and your company's actual level of activity. You must, therefore, as a first step, carry out a diagnosis of these discrepancies and determine the reasons why the level of activity of your company differs from your objectives:

  • Are they too high for the environment in which your business operates?

  • Did any internal problems appear?

  • Is the economy bad?


For very young companies that do not yet have a history, the weekly or monthly analysis of variances allows our team to understand their evolution better and formulate precise and realistic objectives.

Once your diagnosis is complete, we will help you in implementing corrective actions to improve the performance of your business and remedy the poor results.

Refine your corrective actions


Thanks to our dashboard and data visualization solutions, you can also know item by item whether the previously set objectives have been met or not. In the event that the objectives are not achieved, it is necessary:

  • Understand the reasons: a lack of commercial effort, a new competitor, a price increase from a service provider, for example,

  • Choose the best actions to take in order to remedy this: launching a communication campaign, reducing stocks, changing the mode of transport, etc.


Dashboards, Performance indicators, dynamic reporting, data visualization, interactive mapping, and many more! Use our dashboard and data visualization tool to manage your activity, thanks to your data.

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