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Robotic Process Automation - A Great Deal!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

We have heard about the traditional automation tools which do invoice processing, HR automation, and other tasks but it still requires manual interference, unlike the RPA tool that does the full automation on its own without any manual intervention that too at the user interface level.

The user need not learn the complex coding or any framework that is running at the back for automating this complex, mundane task.

This is the major advantage of RPA. One-click and your manual task of extracting information from the invoice and putting the GST calculation and then printing the bill of material serial number wise and all the other details like price, date of supply, serial number, warranty, etc be done by the Bot.

The user just needs to run the Bot in case of attended automation. There is unattended automation in certain places where the bots can be scheduled to run at a stipulated time and reports can be published to the particular team who happens to manage those tasks.

Invoice can be directly extracted from the email, stored in a folder, fields can be extracted, updated in the SAP or any ERP used by the company, and can be printed for records and sent back to a new folder with billing done for that particular month.

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