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Process Automation for Every Organization - The Game Changer

As per Gartner Study, "by 2023, almost 40% of all organizations workload will be deployed in cloud infrastructure and platform service. The prediction is 20% up compared to 2020 statistics.

Industry revolution 04 and later Covid-19 has forced a paradigm shift towards digitization, and business transformation has become the new "lit" trend for an agile business. Process automation, a.k.a. process re-engineering — is one of the most exciting technologies in the business.

If you aren't familiar with it yet, here's what it is and why it's such a big deal: Process automation uses artificial intelligence to push back against outdated and inefficient business processes, replacing them with faster and more effective ones.

What is Process Automation, and how does it help you?

Process automation is a way for companies to reduce their operational costs, increase the efficiency of their supply chain, and increase their flexibility in terms of how they create, deliver and maintain products. This increases customer satisfaction while also improving the bottom line. However, choosing the right tech team to help your business in process automation is crucial. Catnip is one of the leading tech companies helping businesses streamline their entire process online with the help of AI and data science.

Process automation helping companies in improving efficiency?

1. Manual to the computer-based program:

Automation is a process that replaces manual actions with a computer program. It has become an important tool for improving the software delivery pipeline efficiencies, resulting in fewer errors, faster delivery, and lower costs.

2. Consistent Process

Automation helps companies create more consistency end-to-end in the software delivery pipeline. A consistent process means that all tasks are completed according to a schedule and with minimal human interaction. This can be achieved by automating repetitive tasks and adding metadata to ensure team consistency.

3. Error-Free Operation

Automation also helps to reduce human error by eliminating manual processes. Manual processes can be error-prone because they are done by humans who may make mistakes or have limited knowledge of the task being performed. By automating these processes, companies can eliminate these errors and ensure that their systems run smoothly.

4. Remove redundancy

Automating repetitive tasks allows for streamlining of frequent and repeated processes. As companies scale their teams, they often find themselves reusing some workflows over and over again — such as creating new reports or sending emails — which creates redundancy across teams which can increase costs if not handled properly. Automation allows for streamlined communication between siloed teams and departments because each person only needs to perform one task instead of multiple ones simultaneously.

Automatic Solution with Catnip Infotech

Need more reasons to choose Catnip Infotech? Here is a list of a few more from us: -

· Systematic and standardized processes using structured tools like BPM,

· CAMS and RPA make work more accurate with no scope of errors.

· Knowledge transfers so that client's team can sustain the process on their own after the handover.

· Fixing work scope and project execution

Final Thoughts:

Business agility is not just a trend but a crucial key for the scaled-up business. A business that is not future-ready cannot survive in the long run. Through process automation by Catnip, your business gets the power of AI and ML to shift traditional office working mode into a virtual, more accurate, and efficient platform. Get the system integration across multiple disparate platforms and technologies at a fraction of the cost. Contact us now for more details.

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