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Human Resource Automation: Digitizing the Business Growth

4.0 Industry Revolution has brought a digital transformation by merging the physical and digital worlds. The birth of augmented social reality has become a game changer for every industry. IoT, Cloud Computing, Cognitive computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation solutions are helping industries to create smart & successful business empires.

What is HR Automation?

Human Resource process automation is a digital tool which can perform high volumes of repetitive tasks. Also known as RPA, these automatons are fully software-based which can execute the structured manual work the same way as humans, and that's why these automation processes are also known as digital workers.

HR automation is an ideal solution that helps extract, transfer and maintain data or records by reducing the potential for human error.

Why is HR automation a game changer?

Automation technology offers a whole host of benefits. HR automation is rapidly becoming part of multi giant companies to automate their business processes. It facilitates streamlining the way of hiring, onboarding, offboarding, training, appraisals, compensation and more.

This automation process empowers HR employees with the right technology to drive maximum results and minimize data entry errors. HR automation assists human resource departments in quick decision making, saving on manpower and increasing productivity and functionality of the business by focusing on employee efficiency.

Employee Hiring Automation: The first step of HR automation is scanning, digitizing and indexing the resumes by eliminating the ones who don't qualify for the benchmarks. Automation makes it easy for the HR department to choose the right candidate & sharing their duties through smart devices.

Employee Onboarding Automation: Developing an effective and customized employee onboarding automation strategy can be extremely helpful for the company in providing high-quality training to new employees. The digital onboarding process in industry 4.0 improves the efficiency of the HR department by automating electronic document collection and verification and eliminating information leaking risks.

Payroll Automation: RPA process can create multiple pay slabs for your staff; generate multiple pay slips by breaking down the taxes, allowances and deductions. The RPA process set up a digital mailing room where the HR department and employees can scan, digitize, store and share digital versions of incoming emails, making the whole information-sharing process easy and accessible.

Performance Appraisal Automation: Based on employee's performance, the RPA will provide badges, gift vouchers, recognition on social media, travel trips etc. as an appraisal. It reduces biases and increases employee satisfaction.

HR Automation with Catnip InfoTech:

We provide HR automation solutions to all industries. Our automation solutions combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning will increase the confidence & productivity of employees. RPA will provide employees with high-quality training and reduce turnover rates, saving the company's resource costs.

Now track, monitor and manage your employee's performance with transparent and comprehensive results by using RPA the automation process and overcome all HR-related challenges. Contact Catnip InfoTech to enhance your HR automation experience.

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