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Asset Management, Tracking, Audit with help of RFID mechanism | IOT | Catnip Infotech | 2020

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Asset Management, tracking, and Audits are like nightmares in case the assets are not maintained properly, and their no mechanism to track these assets.

Here at Catnip, we have come up with a solution where the assets (IP and Non-IP based) are all tracked using the barcode or the RFID solution. The movement, position of the asset, can be tracked and the location also can be captured inside the premises. This technology also helps you record the current status of the asset - which all assets have gone for repair and is with which vendor for the maintenance.

All the tracking mechanisms help in the smooth run of the IT audits which happens twice a year for many companies and also saves a lot of time for the IT team who is involved in the completion of this activity and report submission for the same.

The RFID tracking technology is in turn integrated with the software that maintains the full Asset history, Purchase details, asset movement, allocation, location, etc. Also is integrated with the procurement module, GRN capture with the existing ERP.

Asset purchase request with the vendor, invoice generation, GRN update, allocation of that particular asset to the employee all in one single solution.

Reach out to us for more details on the same.

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